4 Tips for Getting Over That Bad Boss (and Other Lousy Work Experiences)

“Without mindful awareness, the shadows of your past may haunt your present.”
– Multiple attributions, including Reuben Lowe and John Reyes

What a truthful statement! Do you know people who allow the shadows of their past haunt their present?

We guard ourselves because of a former boss who was untrustworthy. We are skeptical of new teammates’ motives because of one self-centered coworker at our last job. We are wary of our company’s leadership because of the poor leaders at a former employer.

We let one lousy boss, one bad company, one really disappointing experience shadow every potential friendship, team, or employer moving forward. We can’t really enjoy the present because we’re too busy lamenting the past. If that sounds like you (and I’ve been there myself!), here are four tips for moving forward without the past hanging over you. (more…)