4 Things to Consider Before You Hire

With new growth goals and budgets for the new year, many leaders are preparing to hire new teammates. So when adding to a team, which is more important – potential, loyalty, or team? Here are four things to consider.

  • I go with potential every time. I’m a people developer, so potential and character are all I need to do my work. Keep your eyes open for these candidates if you enjoy developing others or have a good team to support this effort.
  • A new teammate must be able to fit into the team like a puzzle piece. Don’t expect or require new people to be the same. Building a team of clones is not wise. You need and want diversity.
  • Build a team who accepts, serves, and embraces new teammates. Standoffish teams detour growth because new members struggle being accepted.
  • Loyalty is earned, so you can’t hire it. Loyalty exists between people, and it is a relationship. You don’t hold loyalty with a company.