Stand Beneath the Weight of Your Actions and Decisions

The ancient Romans were masters of architecture, and according to Roman legend, they were also quite adept at taking ownership of their decisions as well. It has been said that when an arch was near completion in ancient Rome, the Roman engineer responsible for designing and overseeing the construction had to stand directly beneath the center of the arch as the capstone was put into place. His standing there symbolized – both figuratively and literally – his willingness to stand beneath the weight of his decisions. (more…)

I was talking to another leader about a situation she recently encountered with a teammate. In short, the teammate was being difficult and rude to the leader, and the leader, in turn, got upset. The encounter messed up her entire day. She was frustrated and unsure of how to deal with it. As she told me about how she felt and reacted following the encounter, I told her, “You just got owned.”

How do we get owned? We allow… (more…)