Career Pathing vs. Leader Pathing

Are you developing your leadership or developing your career? I’ve already talked about how I think the term career pathing is severely overrated. Career pathing can be a selfish and “all about me” philosophy. If your primary concern is about your career, the decisions you make will be made primarily for your own benefit. (more…)

Have you ever thought about the sacrifices you have to make as a leader and teammate? One of the best examples of true sacrifice is in the game of baseball. In fact, that’s what they call it – a sacrifice. A batter hits a fly ball to the outfield knowing there’s a 99.9% chance it’ll be caught. He sacrifices his out on purpose so another teammate on base can tag up and go score.

But what the heck? Get out on purpose? Surely the player must be thinking, “But won’t that make me look bad? How will that affect my batting average? I won’t get credit for a base hit. I won’t get to run the bases. I won’t score. I, I, I…”

Not really. Not if the player is committed to the team, anyway. Chances are the player understands that, “my sacrifice means we advance a runner to position our team to score.” One player’s sacrifice brings greater good to the team.

Of course we like this kind of sacrifice, especially when it results in a win for our favorite sports team. But like many sports analogies, the idea of sacrifice isn’t always crystal clear when you’re talking about its application off the field. (more…)