Change of Plans

Have you ever made plans for yourself, for your future, only to see them not work out as you planned?

My husband, Keven, is a planner. He is great at researching, studying the details, and waiting for more information before he acts. He has amazing patience. Me? I’m his opposite. I’m spontaneous and will act quickly when opportunity presents itself. I don’t care much about facts if I intuitively feel the need to move. Together, Keven and I make the perfect “spontaneous planner!” Ha-ha.

Keven and I are in a season of choices. Which one to make? How quick to make it? Is it the wisest choice? Is it selfish? Is it too soon? Will waiting make it more difficult? (more…)

I really dislike budgets. I don’t mind talking about money, but it seems budgets are all about spending, and as a tight German (like my daddy) spending sends a chill up my spine. Ha, so maybe that’s why we do budgets around Halloween each year!

Of course budgeting is a necessary evil, and there are many benefits to it. Over the years I’ve learned a lot of lessons from my own budgeting practices and from being the victim of other leaders’ budgeting tactics.

Here are a few simple suggestions as you head into your budget season. (more…)

Leaders must continually keep their eyes on the horizon and drive their business toward the future while still leading in the present. It’s a difficult balance, planning for tomorrow while still appreciating today.

However, if we constantly live in the future, we miss what’s going on now, and the “now” is what we were dreaming about in the past. It’s finally here, but you’re not. (more…)

“Later.” Procrastination’s best friend. Later I’ll…workout, eat right, read a book, work on that project, spend time with the kids, clean out my closet or study for my test.


Sometimes our efforts to negotiate with our leader lead us feeling about as fruitless and frustrated as the adorable toddler in this viral video. (more…)

Hopefully you’ve already started thinking about and planning for your 2014 goals, but if you haven’t, it’s not too late. Here are four practical tips to help you get going.

1. Be realistic.

When setting goals, leaders must walk a careful line. If you’re too optimistic, a few months into the year your team may quickly realize that there’s no way they’ll achieve such unrealistic goals, so they lose their excitement and motivation. On the other hand, if you set goals with a glass-half-empty attitude, never wanting to really commit to anything, your team will spend the year lost and unattached to your vision. (more…)