3 Temptations Leaders Face

Temptations are a serious phenomenon for everyone. We are all tempted in different areas of our lives: with our diet, our money, our exercise, our decisions, our statements, and even with whom we spend our time. Even the most self-controlled are tempted. Remember how Satan tempted Jesus in the wilderness? Now if only we could resist temptation like Jesus we’d be in good shape, wouldn’t we?

The temptations leaders face can be vast and heavy. They’re heavy because when we falter, others also feel the weight of our actions, decisions, and statements.

Here are three of the most common temptations I see leaders face today. (more…)

When it comes to influencing others, I place a great deal of emphasis on the difference between being prideful and being proud. Here’s how I distinguish between the two.

Prideful leaders…

  • Focus on image
  • Seek the spotlight
  • Avoid admitting weaknesses or mistakes
  • Are too focused on self
  • Let stubbornness prevent growth (more…)

If there is one temptation nearly all of us struggle with from time to time, it is pride. Pride is one of the greatest afflictions of leaders. It is seductive, making us think more highly of ourselves than we should. Yet, shouldn’t we be proud of our accomplishments? As the old saying goes, if you don’t promote yourself, no one else will!

What are signs you might be struggling with pride? Here are a few: (more…)

Pride. Some view it as arrogance, while others see it as confidence. Some say it’s a necessary leadership trait, while others believe it’s a characteristic we can all do without.

My question is, “What impact does pride have when it comes to our leadership walk?”

Pride keeps us from being our authentic selves. When we are concerned with projecting or protecting our pride, we put up a barrier between us and others so they can’t get too close or see the real us. Authenticity is one of – if not the – most appealing traits of a leader. Pride prevents us from being authentic, and your team knows when you’re being authentic. (more…)