Top 5 Things New Leaders Should Know

Should the principles of leadership change over time? Should each new generation of leaders redefine what leading is? It is my belief that the principles should not, and need not, change. Leadership strategy and navigation techniques will change as the conditions demand, but sound principles of leadership do not change over time. What does change, however, is the person who is responsible to lead with those sound principles. (more…)

Well, whether you love him or dislike him, most everyone would probably agree that George W. Bush isn’t known for his eloquence in speaking. But in an interview with Oprah that aired last week, he was never, in my opinion, more eloquent.

Near the conclusion of their interview, Oprah played a clip of the former President on her show ten years ago when he was running for office. She then asked, “If you knew then what you know now, what would you tell that presidential hopeful?” (more…)