3 Questions Every Producer Should Ask

One of my favorite aspects about my job is the opportunity I have to coach a variety of leaders who are at very different seasons and stages in their leadership walk. I get to work with experienced leaders at the helm of growing organizations, mid-level leaders influencing 360 degrees, and younger up-and-coming leaders who have great potential for becoming highly effective leaders.

A few weeks ago one of the up-and-comers I coach emailed me with a great question. She asked, “When does personal accountability and feeling personal ownership for getting the job done right move from leadership to being a ball hog?” (more…)

Remember your middle school years? Braces, glasses, weird hair, big feet, long skinny legs, pimples… It’s just an awkward stage. Horses go through the same thing. My husband and I used to raise Paint horses. We’d breed a mare to a great looking stud, and then it was like, “What the heck? An ugly horse!” But you know, time brings beautiful growth and before you know it the colt outgrows its awkward stage.

Leaders aren’t much different. (more…)