Socializing vs. Producing: Finding the Balance

“Social” seems to be one of our buzz words of the day. Social media. Social networking. Social security. Ha, well just kidding on that last one…though it is a hot topic among my generation! But seriously, being social is a great advantage in many cases. Outgoing, talkative, friendly people are people we like to work with and hang around…until sometimes our socializing crosses the line and affects our ability to get things done.

So, where’s the line, and how do we avoid crossing it? (more…)

This past week we spent a few days at our cabin in Red River, New Mexico. I LOVE the river. It’s beautiful, powerful, and peaceful all at the same time.

As I write this post on the way home from our trip, I can’t resist sharing a leadership lesson from one of the river’s dwellers: the beaver. Yes, you know him (or her!), that flat-tailed, sharp-toothed workaholic.

Beavers are incredible producers. They work constantly! They never stop “doing” and are the ultimate activators! Every time I return to Red River, I see how their work has progressed. And while I appreciate the beavers’ dedication and drive, I take one issue with their constant production: when overdone, the beavers’ work can be destructive.  (more…)