5 Qualities of a True Professional

We know a professional when we see one. Yet, what are the real qualities that differentiate a person as a professional? It certainly doesn’t lie in their title or their job duties because we all know highly professional and unprofessional people at all levels and in diverse fields.

I recently spoke with a client group on the subject of being a professional. Here are the five qualities we discussed that differentiate true professionals from the rest of the pack. (more…)

One of my favorite things to do is coach young leaders. They’re excited to make a difference and hungry to help their team. They’re also eager to learn how they can do a better job of leading their people. However, sometimes simply asking your new teammates, “How can I be a better leader,” can communicate a lack of confidence on your end, and your direct reports might not be willing to honestly answer such a point blank question.

So, how can you get your new teammates to give you candid feedback on how you can better lead and serve them? Here are 10 questions I’ve found to be most helpful. (more…)