Leading a Team Changes Everything

You’ve probably seen an ad by Johnson and Johnson over the years with the slogan that “Having a baby changes everything.” When you have a child, everything does change – or at least it should. Your routines, your hobbies, your meals, your sleep schedules, heck even how you spend your money changes drastically! You change not because it’s convenient or easy but because it’s what’s best for the lives that have been entrusted to you. (more…)

One thing I enjoy about leading teams is finding young people with potential and helping them grow into great leaders. Unfortunately, I’ve witnessed a lot of capable young leaders in thriving organizations who eventually become discouraged, disengaged, and leave for other opportunities. (more…)

So I started a conversation on Facebook a few weeks ago, and I can’t stand not to dig a little deeper into the subject.

On New Year’s Day, two sports commentators were debating over who the Most Valuable Player (MVP) of the game should be. One of the commentators made a great statement that caught my attention: “MVP doesn’t represent who the best player is; it’s about who’s most valuable.”

What a great discussion! What do you think? What is the difference between being most valuable to the team and being the best player on the team? They are both crucial to the team. (more…)