Who is Leaving? Who Are You Attracting?

The people that care the most leave first.

This was a key point in Seth Godin’s recent blog post, “You are not the lowest common denominator,” which references the methodical way that companies (technology companies, in particular) eventually, consistently lower their standards in product innovation and service in order to appeal to a broader audience. (more…)

“The best way to be missed when you’re gone
is to stand for something when you’re here.” – Seth Godin

This quote is powerful from so many different perspectives, as Seth points out, but I want us to take a look at how we measure up against it from a leadership perspective! Here are three questions to consider:

1.      What do you stand for? Have you ever thought about that? I’m not asking about your beliefs, because we can all have beliefs that we don’t live out. I’m asking you to consider, “What am I willing to put myself on the line for?” Do you go to bat for your team, and if so, do you do it in a way that others see your passion and want to follow you? Are you willing to speak up when no one else will, despite the consequences? Have you taken a stand for anything lately, or are you content to go with the flow? (more…)

Just about everyone enjoys quotes. They’re thought-provoking and motivational. But do they motivate action, or just a happy feeling? Do we simply agree with a quote and share it on Facebook and Twitter, or do we strive to live it out?

Today I’m beginning a weekly focus on how we can begin putting action and meaning behind great leadership quotes. I really like this quote by Seth Godin:

“You don’t need more time, you just need to decide.”

But how can we live Seth’s words out? What should this quote look like in our daily lives? (more…)