Our Value Doesn’t Lie in Our Busyness

We all have days, weeks, and sometimes seasons where our projects and commitments exceed our capacity. The question is, how do you handle it? You have two options.

  1. You can continue to rush around, frazzled and hectic because you have too much on your plate. (This does nothing to lower your own stress level, and it likely raises the tension and anxiety of those around you.)
  2. You can raise your hand and ask for help.


1. They need to know you believe in them. When was the last time an employee asked you to believe in him? Probably never. We don’t ask for our leader’s belief in us, but we need it to stretch ourselves, try new things, and achieve our best. Our belief in a teammate is especially impactful when we know they can do it, but they aren’t yet sure. When that’s the case, we allow our teammate to borrow our belief in them. They don’t have the confidence yet, so until they gain it, they can borrow ours. (more…)

Sometimes I wonder if some leaders truly want to see their people succeed. For example, I see leaders delegate a task to a person on their team or an entire team itself, but instead of providing coaching and support along the way, they watch and criticize in how the individual or team goes about completing the task at hand. (more…)

If at any point in your lifetime you plan on being part of the workforce, know this: Your leader (or your leader’s leader) is going to make a decision that you disagree with. And you’re going to have to support it.

It’s that simple.

Change. Whether you love it or hate it, all growing companies go through plenty of it, so you might as well learn to accept it! When done right and for the right reasons, change is a very good thing.

In fact, if you look back on your life, I’m willing to bet that most of your significant growth moments were also those times when you were in the midst of a big change. And while not all changes create growth, we cannot grow without change.

Despite our best intentions, however, sometimes change fails. Over the years, I’ve observed four reasons why. (more…)