It’s About the Numbers!

If you want to be a good leader you have to realize that it is all about the numbers. Producing the numbers is more important than anything else in business. Most of my clients will be astonished with this point of view. Let me be clear: A leader who cannot produce the numbers will not be successful taking a company into the future. (more…)

“Talent sets the floor, character sets the ceiling.” -Unknown

Yesterday marked national signing day for college football. That’s the day when hundreds of the nation’s most talented high school seniors make their official commitment by signing a national letter of intent to play football at the university of their choice. Many of these players were vied for by numerous top schools for their superior athletic abilities.

Their talent is known. Their character will quickly be revealed. (more…)

Hard work versus talent. Which one is more valuable? Which one do we reward? Who would you rather have on your team: hard workers, or workers with natural talent?

“Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard.”

This quote has been attributed to many individuals, among them Oklahoma City Thunder forward Kevin Durant as well as his mentor, Taras Brown. It’s powerful, both from the perspective of an athlete as well as that of a business leader. So how can we live this quote out? (more…)

Last week I was asked how I’ve been able to create teams that have achieved such high levels of performance. I’ve been fortunate to lead several unique and differently conditioned teams in my career, including:

  • New Start Up – a team built from scratch for a new business
  • Declining Business – reviving and re-organizing a team
  • Purchased Business – taking over an established team
  • Two Teams Combined – uniting two headstrong teams into one
  • Split Up and Rebuild – Separating one high performing team into two separate areas

Each team called for slightly different adjustments or leadership actions because you create, grow, and lead teams based on the current conditions your business is encountering.

However, there are four actions that have been consistent for my style of building high performing teams in any condition. (more…)