7 Things I’ve Learned About Values

One of the most beneficial exercises we do with teams when we work with them is the values exercise. The values exercise gives each individual teammate the opportunity to sort through and identify the values that he or she holds most dear. They then share those values with their teammates. What does an individual teammate’s values have to do with leadership or teamwork? Simple. The better we understand ourselves and our colleagues, the more effectively we can connect, work together, and lead one another. Over my years in doing this exercise and in talking with clients about their values, I’ve learned the following:   (more…)

The people that care the most leave first.

This was a key point in Seth Godin’s recent blog post, “You are not the lowest common denominator,” which references the methodical way that companies (technology companies, in particular) eventually, consistently lower their standards in product innovation and service in order to appeal to a broader audience. (more…)

Change. This one little word has the power to throw our lives into the unknown! Dealing with change is not a new topic. I’ve heard a lot of opinions on change over the years. Some people are terrified by it. Others find it scary, yet they’ll accept it. Some boast about how they love change. (Really? Love change?)

I’ve had the opportunity to manage a lot of change in my career. While I don’t love it, I’ve learned to respect and appreciate it. Here are five actions that have helped me and my team work through change. (more…)

In my last post I talked about the power of passion. Today I want to address a question I’ve been asked a few times this week: “How do you create passion?”

Honestly, I can’t create a fire in your belly to be passionate about what I’m passionate about. Passion is a hunger. What I can do is inspire, share vision, and create an environment that will motivate and excite you in a way that hopefully your passion and hunger are satisfied. Here are four actions that have helped me influence, attract, and grow passionate teams: (more…)

Teamwork…I love having it, I’ll work hard to obtain it, and I will fight on behalf of it! Nothing about leadership intrigues me more than the power of a team. Today I want to share a couple of my favorite perspectives on teamwork from two highly-respected leaders who really “get” the concept and purpose of a team. (more…)