3 Questions Every Producer Should Ask

One of my favorite aspects about my job is the opportunity I have to coach a variety of leaders who are at very different seasons and stages in their leadership walk. I get to work with experienced leaders at the helm of growing organizations, mid-level leaders influencing 360 degrees, and younger up-and-coming leaders who have great potential for becoming highly effective leaders.

A few weeks ago one of the up-and-comers I coach emailed me with a great question. She asked, “When does personal accountability and feeling personal ownership for getting the job done right move from leadership to being a ball hog?” (more…)

Today’s post by Charlotte Walker, one of our Emerging Leader bloggers, is one we can all relate to at some point in our careers. Great tips, Charlotte!

Have you ever gotten smacked up side the head by something so hard it stuns you? Well about six months ago that kind of thing happened to me. I received a very unexpected call from my senior manager one evening.  He had some questions about the program I manage. There had been some developments in my industry, and he wanted to make sure he fully understood how my program worked.  I answered his questions, and he seemed satisfied. We hung up on a positive note, but I still felt uneasy about the call.

The following Monday I had an internal email letting me know my program was being audited to see if it was profitable enough to continue. As if that wasn’t nerve wracking enough, the lawyers had been called in to look at our contractual obligations regarding my program. My entire spending budget was taken away, but I was told, “Don’t worry. Just go about your business as usual.” (more…)

As a former school teacher, I remember the endless debates between the school board and the parents on who should be accountable to teach sex education to the children. Was it the school system’s responsibility or the parents? Should they teach abstinence or safe sex? When should the subject be introduced?

The business world is also struggling with the accountability questions of who, what, and when, but in our case it’s on the subject of leadership. Who is responsible for preparing the next generation of leaders? Is it the universities or the employers?  What do we teach them about leadership, and when should we start developing leaders? (more…)