The Virtue of Stubbornness

“Stubbornness is a virtue if you are right.” – Tony Dungy

I really like this quote because it highlights the other side of what we often immediately consider a negative trait! Of course, there are many instances when stubbornness can get in the way of our productivity and progress, such as when we’re not willing to explore other viable options or when we’re unwilling to admit when we’re wrong. However, there are many instances when being stubborn is exactly what is needed. Here are some examples:

  • When you won’t compromise your values and beliefs.
  • When you choose what’s right over what’s popular.
  • When you don’t give up, even in the face of adversity.

As Tony points out, in the right circumstances stubbornness doesn’t mean we are unwilling to budge. It means we aren’t willing to negotiate on what we know is right.