In Due Time

“Timing is everything.” You’ve probably heard the saying, but have you had to live it out? Good timing is an intuitive balance between waiting and acting; either extreme can get us into trouble.

Waiting isn’t easy because so many of us want it now. Those of us who prefer action tend to think of waiting as a waste of time or lost opportunity. Yet, great things can happen when we wait. (more…)

Waiting in line, waiting in the lobby, waiting through a delay… waiting sucks! But wait… (HA) waiting, actually helps us grow. Wait, what? Yes! So, let’s change our mindset and realize that ‘beneficial waiting’ is a blessing. Don’t just wait… benefit from your wait.

Elements of beneficial waiting:

Discomfort. In-between is rarely a place we enjoy being, but being uncomfortable can be beneficial. Discomfort forces us to broaden our horizons and change our perspective. We find comfort in the learning that happens during our time of waiting. (more…)