9 Actions for Increasing Your Discernment

Discernment: a beautiful gift that can bring value to so many in our wake! But what exactly is discernment?

We’ve all heard leadership experts talk a lot about knowledge and wisdom, but we seldom discuss the value of discernment. I think it’s because it so hard to explain, figure out and teach… if it can even be taught. (more…)

This past week I was visiting with a comrade regarding smart people who aspire to be leaders. This led us to discussing the difference between having wisdom and having knowledge.

Most leaders love to have smart, knowledgeable people on their team. After all, that’s less pressure on the leader to have all the answers, right? The challenge for smart leaders is to avoid using their intelligence as a competitive advantage in a race to be the smartest person in the room. Though brains may impress, they alone don’t inspire a loyal following from peers. And if your peers aren’t willing to follow you, your future as a great leader is at risk. (more…)