The POTUS Doesn’t Determine Your Potential

Hey Girlfriends! Today, I wanted to speak to all my sisters out there, both young and old. If you’re a guy, keep reading as I’m sure you’ll learn something, or you may want to pass this on to your daughters!

I’m so happy to be a woman in today’s world. When I was a little girl, I was kinda jealous of my brothers. As boys they got to take their shirt off outside when it got hot and hide behind a tree when they needed to pee. But I figured out how to adapt with a tank top and quick potty breaks. Ha! I was a competitive brat, and no boy was going to outdo me on the basketball court or even in the front yard playing tackle football.

I took that same vigor and zest into the business world as an adult. Today I am a successful business woman, and I’m excited about my future. In fact, I’m more excited about the future than I am about the present. (more…)

Recently someone posed a question to a discussion group I’m a part of, and the conversation created so much buzz that I thought I’d bring it up on this blog. It’s a touchy subject but a great conversation piece. Here’s the question:

How would the world be different if 50% of leaders were women? (more…)