When You’re On the Wrong Road

“No amount of travel on the wrong road will get you to the right destination.”

Iread this quote on a friend’s Facebook feed this week, and it’s a great one to think on. Don’t you agree? In business we spend enormous amounts of time and money to determine the “right” way. Once we figure out that path, we teach and we preach on it to get everyone going the same direction so we can reach the same destination.

Yet, unfortunately and despite our best efforts, sometimes we come to realize that perhaps our right way isn’t so right. Occasionally (and to our dismay and surprise) we learn we’re wrong. So what do we do?

Well, in many cases we ignore the warnings, and the signs, and the giant, flashing red lights telling us that we’re going down the wrong road because we don’t want to watch all our well-intentioned hard work and hard earned money go to “waste.” So we keep on traveling hoping that somehow the wrong road will eventually lead us to the right results.

However, as the saying goes, you can’t keep traveling on the wrong road to get to the right destination.

The next time you think you might be traveling down the wrong road, pause. Consider if your desire to keep going is a result of your tenacity to overcome obstacles or your stubbornness to admit you’re on the wrong path. Chances are it’s not too late to refocus, redirect, and get back on the right road so you can reach your intended destination.